My quiet revolution … slow down, breathe, be centered and … express your imagination 

Small works of crafts and art to share with fans" - Made in Bellagio (Italy)


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All my collections are inspired to tha amenities of Bellagio, the pearl of Como lake. They are produced with susteinable fabrics and with accurate attention to the reduction of processing waste. Subscribe to the Newsletter if you want to stay updated on all the news of the collections, always in limited edition

MyJewels                           the colors of Air, water, fire, earth

Watercolors, what a passion

The passion for watercolors was born from my love for freedom. you can't stop the water, it flows everywhere and hardly lets itself be caged. It takes patience and dedication to check it on a sheet ... a sort of stirring meditation. the proposed products are prints of my original watercolors, most of them inspired by the beauties of Bellagio and Lake Como, a source of infinite inspiration. The bookmark format lends itself to composing large paintings, mounting several in a row.

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