"My Bellagio's Bags" - Loppia Collection

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Le pochette da polso della collezione Loppia sono perfette sia per il giorno che per la sera. Avendo il manco amovibile, si trasformano da borsetta da passeggio in oerfette pochette da sera, molto raffinate ed eleganti. Sono fatte o in ecopelle e tessuto gobelin o in velluto . L'interno è sempre in ctotone biologico certificato GOTS, a basso imoatto sull'ambiente. Misura 25 cm x 17 cm x 5 cm. Manico in ecopelle o velluto: 17 cm. Comodsa tasca interna portaoggetti e chiusura con ZIP. Grazie al pratico manico da indosare sul polso, ti faranno dimenticare di averle con te.

The wrist clutches of the Loppia collection are perfect for both day and evening. Having a removable handle, they transform from a walking handbag into an oerfette clutch bag for the evening, very refined and elegant. They are made either in eco-leather and gobelin fabric or in velvet. The interior is always in GOTS certified organic cotton, with a low impact on the environment. Measures 25cm x 17cm x 5cm. Eco-leather or velvet handle: 17 cm. Convenient internal storage pocket and zip closure. Thanks to the practical handle to wear on the wrist, they will make you forget you have them with you.

Backgroung of my inspirational places:
Loppia is an ancient hamlet of Bellagio, known since the time of the celibate insubia for the existing natural inlet that protects boats from the lucky ones. In 59 BC Cesare considered the Lario a crossroads of strategic importance for Italy and therefore decided to re-found the Gallic Comum oppidum in Nova Comum and to give importance to the main road that extended northwards, the Lario. As a precaution, since the Lario was a territory not entirely under Roman control, he wanted to build two specular Castra, exactly in Lemnos (today Lenno) and in Bilacus (today Bellagio). These two settlements born for military purposes saw the passage of troops up to the first imperial period, later becoming two residential units, civilians, in which the Greek and Latin colonists, settled by Caesar at the end of his military campaigns in Gaul, proliferated until the late empire.

The Plinii family, originally from Nova Comum, used to dwell for long periods of the year on the banks of the Lario, especially Pliny the Younger who in Bellagio owned a splendid Villa called Tragoedia.

In the Middle Ages the hamlet was officially included in the municipality of Bellagio and has been part of it ever since.

In the 19th century, Duke Francesco Melzi D'Eril decided to have the majestic neoclassical residence known today as Villa Melzi d'Eril built on his possessions, the architect Giocondo Albertolli wanted to create a historic residence for his illustrious client who called the pomp of the past, but at the same time the elegance and sobriety of the Neoclassical style.

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