"My Bellagio's bags" - Melzi d'Eril Collection

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Borse a sacco trapezoidale da spalla, dalla linea morbida ed essenziale, con doppia tasca interna e chiusura con gancio in alluminio. Con fodera esterna in misto cotone (Tessuto Arena o Gobelin) o velluto. Fodera interna in cotone biologico certificato Gots, prodotto con basso impatto ambientale. Misure: 49x52 cm

Trapezoidal shoulder bags, with a soft and essential line, with double internal pocket and closure with aluminum hook. With external lining in cotton blend (Arena or Gobelin fabric) or velvet. Inner lining in Gots certified organic cotton, produced with low environmental impact. Measurements: 49x52 cm

Background of my inspirational monument:
Francesco Melzi d'Eril, Duke of Lodi, vice-president of the first Italian Republic and personal friend of Napoleon, decided at the beginning of the nineteenth century to build the summer residence in Bellagio, in a site with an incomparable view and a mild climate. Giocondo Albertolli, the trusted architect for the Milan palace, took care of it, while the park was entrusted to Luigi Canonica and the agronomist Luigi Villoresi, builders of the Monza Park.
In neoclassical style, the villa was completed in 1810 and partly owes its charm to the extraordinary park overlooking the lake and the expedients adopted to optically expand the space, actually narrow, between the incipient hill (in turn a monumental park) and the body of water

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